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Marble Surface

Products and Procedures

Top to bottom cleaning and the

products and procedures we use.

Marble Surface

What we do and How we do it

Systematic cleaning is highly more effective than spot cleaning areas when you hire a cleaning service.  You want your cleaning service to provide top to bottom cleaning, because it essentially provides the best end product. 

  • We start with ceiling fixtures and begin knocking all dirt, dust, and debris down.  Once ceiling fixtures and window treatments are completed, then we move to frames, wall shelves, and knick knacks. 

  • Finally polishing all counters, surfaces, and cabinetry. 

  • This technique leaves all the dirt, dust, and debris on the floors for the vacuum and mop.


  • All dusting is completed with a micro-fiber duster that traps the dust. 

  • All polishing is done with a micro-fiber towel soaked with an anti-bacterial all purpose polish. 

(*Note, windows and scrubbing of baseboards/woodwork is a service provided, but not included in your basic cleaning package)


  • All bathroom surfaces are cleared, cleaned and objects disinfected. 

  • An all purpose cleaner and glass cleaner are used to minimize the use of bleach, to ensure no damage to surfaces, floors, or other household items.

  • All bathroom floors are thoroughly detailed.                                                     (*Note, grout detailing is a service provided,  but not included in a basic cleaning package)


  • All cabinetry fronts, appliance tops and fronts.

  • Microwaves in and out.

  • All counters are cleared, cleaned, objects wiped down, and put back in place. 

  • Kitchens can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning products which we can discuss further in detail. 

(*Note, inside appliances is a service provided, but not at the basic cleaning package)



The final step to an exceptional service-

  • All 3x5 rugs and smaller are rolled up, put outside and shaken out.

  • All floors are vacuumed with a floor canister vacuum.  

  • Carpets are vacuumed with a standard up-right vacuum.  

  • Floors are cleaned with a professional mop. 

  • Once all floors are dry, rugs are put back in place.

  • All trash and recycle are disposed of. 

  • Shymanski Shines bring both an upright vacuum and a canister vacuum that require certified H.E.P.A. bags. 

  • All mopping is done with either a dish soap water mixture, vinegar and water, or a multi surface solution with water 

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